Installing an irrigation system helps to keep your lawn and shrubs healthy and beautiful

In addition, watering your lawn by hand or by moving a sprinkler around can take hours. The Irrigation Professionals will design an irrigation system specifically for your lawn and shrubs. We will take into account the exposure to sun that your property receives, as well as the type of turf and plant material that you have.

We use only the finest products available on the market today, and employ state-of-the-art installation techniques to insure minimal damage to your existing turf and shrubs. We install irrigation systems in anywhere from complex turf configurations and gardens in estates and single family homes, to irrigation systems for townhomes and city roof-decks.

We also install irrigation in a wide range of commercial properties such as office buildings, apartments, common areas, athletic fields and more. Contact The Irrigation Professionals today so that we can design the perfect irrigation system for your turf and landscaping.


  • Clean and Professional Installation

  • User friendly/Easy to Program Controls

  • Low-maintenance

I went through Home Advisor to find companies for installing an irrigation system. The Irrigation Professionals provided an immediate response to my request for information and an estimate. Geary Powell, the owner, visited my home, explained my options and provided a competitive estimate. Geary prepared the necessary paperwork for the homeowners association prior to installation. The crew arrived early, were completely professional and completed the job on time and without incident. I would highly recommend the Irrigation Professionals.

-Brenda Welburn

Willowsford, VA

Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

You have invested valuable time and money into your lawn and landscape. It is important that your irrigation system functions properly so that your investment is protected. When you need your irrigation system serviced or maintained call The Irrigation Professionals. We are prompt, reliable, and professional.

Our trained technicians will repair and adjust your irrigation system so that it runs properly and efficiently. We will also make certain that your controller is programmed with the optimal settings for the current season and for the seasons to come. We also provide Spring/Winter services for irrigation systems.

Turning on and adjusting irrigation systems in the Spring and Winterizing and shutting down irrigation systems in the Fall. In addition, the Irrigation Professionals can provide periodic visits to check and adjust your system i.e., monthly, bi-monthy, etc.


We are familiar with a wide range of manufacturers

Great company with very good customer service. The sprinkler issue was taken care of with prompt and courteous service. I’d definitely recommend this company.

-Mary A.

Haymarket, VA

Water Line Replacement & Repair



You may have a main water-line leak if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • A sudden increase in your water-bill.
  • A wet or soft spot in your yard, driveway, or property.
  • Moisture in your wall, ceiling, or floor.

You may need your water-line replaced if:

  • Your waterline was installed with an inferior material like polybutylene  (“Big Blue”).
  • Your water-line has failed previously.
  • Your water-line has had previous pinhole leaks.

Our Water-Line Replacement & Repair Division offers:


Trenchless Water-line Installation

State-of-the-Art Leak Detection

Our waterline specialists employ a variety of techniques to possibly isolate leaks, as well as state-of-the-art leak detection equipment that may locate leaks which are below the surface of the ground, sidewalk, or driveway.

Very prompt. Good communication. Fixed my broken water line. I will be hiring them from now on for Fall and Spring service. 

- Jane A.

Fort Washington, MD

I noticed a water main leak on Saturday morning while mowing the grass. The appraiser, Geary, was there about an hour after I called. Other companies took hours to respond, wouldn’t come until monday, or just didn’t show up. The price seems a little high for a repair that took 3 guys 2.5 hours, but he spared me any sales pitches about replacing the whole line and his crew came and fixed it the next morning (a Sunday) while the other guys were going to be sometime later in the week, no guarantees until they looked over the calendars on Monday (meanwhile I either have water leaking, or I shut down the water to my house). The guys came right on time, did not destroying my entire yard, and put the turf back in place, so in a couple week I’m optimistic my yard will be back to golf course status. What I thought was going to be a major disruption to my life and disaster for my yard, was merely a minor (if expensive) inconvenience.

- Chris C.

Springfield, VA

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful landscape you have created in the night as well as the day. The Irrigation Professionals design, install, and maintain landscape lighting systems. In addition to beautifying your home, landscape lighting also offers another level of security to your home. A properly, well lit home is a huge deterrent to intruders.

We carry traditional landscape lighting fixtures as well as an immense array of LED lighting fixtures which can conserve as much as 75% of the power consumption as compared to traditional landscape lighting. In addition, the bulbs for LED fixtures can easily last 10 to 12 times longer than traditional bulbs. We will install your lighting system without any damage to your existing landscaping and hardscapes. Call today so that we can design and install the perfect landscape lighting system for your home.

These folks responded to my solicitation within 30 minutes of posting on Home Advisor. They sent a very qualified technician the next day and he saved me about $700 over the proposal from my former contractor. Customer service/communication, technical savey and great price are the outstanding characteristics of The Irrigation Professionals.

- Deborah J.

Fort Washington, MD

Aeration can be one of the keys to a healthy
and beautiful lawn

By removing plugs of soil, once compacted earth can properly receive the water, sunlight and nutrients that encourage vigils root growth. The Irrigation Professionals employ core aeration solutions so your yard us done correct and efficiently the first time.

Have an underground sprinkler system?

The irrigation Professionals will activate your system and locate each sprinkler head so that they are not damaged during the aeration process. We use only the best quality seed products, appropriate for your specific type of lawn.

Brands We Use